The BEST kind of Monkey Business

Den Finder Real Estate partners with The Bellingham Sock Monkey Project

for a Monkey Building Workshop on October 20, 2018 10:00 AM and YOU are INVITED!

We couldn’t be more excited to be getting to know the makers behind the monkeys and try our hand at building these creatures with a cause.

We invite you to join us at the Monkey Building Workshop! All skill levels and ages are welcome. There is something for everyone to do to help!

We will have Coffee (from Costa Rica courtesy of June!) and a pizza lunch (provided by Den Finder)!

The Sock Monkeys we make at this event will be delivered to the Skookum House, a place where wonderful volunteers care for children new to foster care. Every child who enters the Skookum House leaves with a sock monkey who has a backpack, pajamas, and an outfit.

At this Monkey Building Workshop you can:

  • Stuff the Monkeys

  • Sew or stitch pieces together

  • Wrap yarn, thread, wool, etc.

  • Knit backpack straps

  • Whatever you want and so much more!

RSVP and join us on Saturday, October 20th at 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

 Den Finder Sock Monkey Bellingham Event

If you are unable to attend the event but want help

Den Finder Real Estate support The Sock Monkey Project consider donating another way:

 Den Finder Real Estate Bellingham Sock Monkey Project Event

The following items can be donated new or used,

if you find these things laying around the house you can bring them to our office!

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What is The Bellingham Sock Monkey Project?

So glad you asked! It is a piece of the pie known as the Comfort Kids Project. A project started in 2013 by June Fraser-Thistle. Here is a glimpse of her story:

Our original 43 monkeys created were delivered to our local Child Protective Services. As we carried the boxes into their facility we couldn’t help but hear the cries of a small child coming from the back of a sea of cubicles. She was in the midst of a mandated visit with her mom and by the sounds of the sad cries it was not going well. The amazing social worker selected a pink monkey with a ballet outfit, turned to us and said, “Well it’s time to see if these monkeys of yours work!” Off she went on a mission. I held my breath. The monkey reached her destination and the cries stopped! As we watched her walk back towards us I realized that I had literally been holding my breath, a huge smile broke out on all our faces, the monkey had found a home.

In July of 2015 I became interested in a new home in town. Skookum Kids was opening their doors as a solution to the middle of the night scenario you read above, they proposed to solve the 72 hour dilemma within the foster care system. Skookum Kids provides care for the first 72 hours in which a child comes into care and allows the frantic social worker to find the best possible placement for that child within the foster care system. I watched this group of amazing volunteers find, repair, and furnish a home in record time nestled in the heart of Bellingham to provide quality care in a fun and homey atmosphere. Skookum Kids provides a soft landing for kiddos about to enter the foster care system. This seemed like the perfect place for the monkeys to find a temporary home and their adventures began.

As I began volunteering for Skookum Kids, I realized many of these children move so often they seldom have a snuggle friend for bedtime. The sock monkey is placed in their hands complete with a homemade backpack and hand sewn set of pajamas with a feeling the sock monkey has also been displaced and is heading off with them on a new adventure. The resiliency of the children of Skookum and their joy in a warm bed, clean clothes and three meals a day inspire us to continue on our quest to provide monkeys to children in need.

Want to learn more?

Check out WhatcomTalk’s article: A Sock Monkey’s Tale: A Comfort Kids Project or the Bellingham Herald’s Sock monkeys comfort Whatcom children in foster care.

What is Skookum Kids?

We are so excited to be supporting this nonprofit! If you’re interested in joining us RSVP on the Facebook event. If you have any questions or want to coordinate donating please contact:

See you October 20, 2018 at the Den Finder Office!