Barkley Neighborhood

Welcome to the Barkley Neighborhood!

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The Barkley Neighborhood has so much going on! Some people might know it as the Mt. Baker Neighborhood! But we all like to call it Barkley Neighborhood. Here at Den Finder we pride ourselves on knowing the area. We explored the perfect combination of residential, commercial and light industrial land.

The City of Bellingham has you covered, check it out: 

“The Barkley Neighborhood was created in 2010 as part of the northern neighborhood boundary review project.  Awhile ago, some residents asked the City to review the boundaries of the Mt. Baker, Guide Meridian/Cordata, and other Neighborhoods in 2009. Then the Mt. Baker Neighborhood was divided into two new neighborhoods in 2010, Irongate and Barkley.

The Barkley Neighborhood contains 814 acres located primarily south of Sunset Drive and north of the Roosevelt and Alabama Hill Neighborhoods. The focal point of the neighborhood however, is the Barkley Urban Village development located around the Woburn/Barkley Boulevard intersection. This development is one of the first urban villages to be built in the city. It includes a mix of industrial, retail, professional offices and residential development.

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