Den Finder employs the best brokers to elevate your real estate experience to the next level through social media and custom marketing plans.

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 We focus on personal-growth, a healthy work-life balance, and innovation in real estate through social media. We celebrate the people at Den Finder and their uniqueness.

 bellingham real estate


 Our Den Finder agents are our top priority. When our agents do well, clients do well. We celebrate individuality and personality with a drive to thrive at Den Finder.

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 The Den Finder office is a space to meet clients, agents, and enjoy a community of real estate innovators. We encourage agents to set their own hours of success and utilize this space to meet their needs.

We focus on your personal success.


Den Finder was designed to be different from those "other guys". We put people first. By doing so, our business model has lead to more houses bought, sold, and happier clients all around. Promoting agents is our number one priority. Our culture flows between bringing a collaborative spirit to personal success while allowing you the freedom to explore who you are in the world of real estate. 

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We pride ourselves on bringing the best of the best to Bellingham Real Estate.


Our agents focus on meeting you where you are on your real estate journey. If you're a first time buyer, seller, or it's all old hat. Den Finder agents are ready to help you. We use social media to help promote your home and do extensive research to find your dream home. We have agents who specialize in residential and others who focus on commercial properties.

No matter what your needs are, we have the agent for you.


We bring technology to you.


Our state of the art office allows us to successfully build agent-to-agent relationships, agent-to-client partnerships, and achieve personal development and growth. Our office features an open-space work environment which allows for collaboration and community